Kiran Marahatta Published book The Hope.

The Hope is a most successful book written by Kiran Marahatta, Launched in TEXAS ON JUNE 04

Renown Journalist Kiran Marahatta published a book named The Hope which released in June 04 in Austin, Texas. Find the detail news in the link below by Annapurna Post national daily, one of the largest selling daily newspaper.

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Kiran Marahatta’s book’The Hope’ released in Texas

The Hope Release in TEXAS by  Senior Social Worker, Hem Pathak

Journalist Kiran Marahatta released his book THE HOPE in Austin, Texas. Hem Pathak, President of Hem Sarita Pathak Foundation was the chief of that ceremony. Find the news link from Kantipur National Daily, Largest selling national daily in Nepal.

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Review of Marahatta’s book The Hope


The Hope for Interview Skill, writes Rajan Thapalia, a New York based writer Reviewing The Hope, a book written by Kiran Marahatta which is considered a most useful book. Click here for detail:

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Kiran Marahatta selected for Independent Book Author Fair, USA


Journalist/ Author Kiran Marahatta has selected for Independent Author Summit in the US that takes place in October 21 in New Jersey. Marahatta selected from Nepal and his book The Hope will be in the exhinbition in Foreign Language Category. Click here for detail:

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Vipp Jaswal, A Most Influential Indian American


By : Kiran Marahatta: New York Based Journalist: “Intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings.” Howard Gardner’s above statement is perfectly matched to Fox News Channel’sHead of International Affairs, Vipp Jaswal, who accomplished notable global achievements...

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FC Barcelona invited Nepali Media Personality to Make Documentary Of FCB


Spanish Soccer Giant , FC Barcelona has invited Kiran Marahatta, Senior Media Personality from Nepal to make a documentary of FCB. Kiran Marahatta, who is the General Manager of ABC TV is now in Barcelona covering FCB matches, interviewing club officials and the players. Marahatta has already met Spanish legend...

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Mt. Everest, Messi, And Barcelona


World’s best player, Messi had won FIFA award for four consecutive periods besides winning European Player of the Year. Short in height, Messi’s magic was seen in Argentina. At a mere age of 8 years, Messi was hired by Nibel World Boys. However, he didn’t grow in height until...

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