Interview in Khasokhas weekly, USA


Khasokhas weekly is the most popular Nepali weekly newspaper in the US where Kiran Marhatta expressed his view on writing and Journalism. For Interview find the link below: “आगामी पुस्तक ‘मोमेन्टस विथ मेसी’ चार भाषामा प्रकाशित गर्दैछु” – किरण मरहठ्ठा

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Kiran Marahatta’s article on Naya Patriak Daily


Engineer, Lecture & Social worker Surya Lamsal is a highly dedicated & self-motivated character who achieved an amazing Success in the United States, writes New York based Journalist Kiran Marahatta on Naya Patrika. Click link for detail:  

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The hope cover

Hope is For Interview Skill, Writes Saptahik Weekly reviewing Kiran Marahatta’s The Hope. Click the link for detail:

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Review of Marahatta’s book The Hope


The Hope for Interview Skill, writes Rajan Thapalia, a New York based writer Reviewing The Hope, a book written by Kiran Marahatta which is considered a most useful book. Click here for detail:

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Kiran Marahatta selected for Independent Book Author Fair, USA


Journalist/ Author Kiran Marahatta has selected for Independent Author Summit in the US that takes place in October 21 in New Jersey. Marahatta selected from Nepal and his book The Hope will be in the exhinbition in Foreign Language Category. Click here for detail:

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America wish peace and prosperous Nepal- Kiran Marahatta, senior journalist


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