Vipp Jaswal, A Most Influential Indian American


By : Kiran Marahatta: New York Based Journalist:

“Intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings.”


Howard Gardner’s above statement is perfectly matched to Fox News Channel’sHead of International Affairs, Vipp Jaswal, who accomplished notable global achievements in multiple sectors. The most significant fact of this highly influential Indian immigrant, born and raised in Liverpool, England, is his global cultural understanding which supported advance his career from banker to broadcaster, from entrepreneur to philanthropist, and from cultural activist to motivational speaker. His sparkled life is a formula in itself that could be a inspiration for all success seekers.

Vipp always dared to dream and dug his own way to accomplishment. Due to the nature of his father’s business, Vipp was educated in 10 different schools with different languages, culture and geography. Those included UK, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. His father owned a ship business and Vipp sailed from one corner of the earth to the other. “I understood the value of cultural dimensions even some of those were too tough to me.” He recalls his childhood. “It’s an inherent character of any Indian that we accept all, but I faced some people had hesitated to accept me,” Vipp, nostalgic on his hard days in Japan and on his mischievous childhood memories in Australia, remembers:“In Japan, I faced cultural disputes and people used to avoid me but in Australia I adjusted quickly where I have bunches of sweet memories”

In 1995, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy with honors, from The Dundee University, Scotland, Vipp was recruited as a Senior Executive for International Crisis Management at the London based, world leading financial institution, HSBC. Vipp spent his 10 years his of HSBC career in Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, UK and the US, with distinct for enterprising and expanding business by setting strategic alliances with local industries and governments by mobilizing a team of 300 staffs. “ Vipp Jaswal has a broad international business background and a comprehensive knowledge of the international marketplace. He had an incredible track record with HSBC” said Roger Ailes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox News. One might wonder the reason of why he quit the world’s biggest brand, HSBC. The turning was more than interesting, “I was offered a job by FOX while working with HSBC in the US” said Vipp disclosing the secret of how his career shifted from banker to broadcaster. It was a huge challenge but Vipp, did it? “I hesitated but was not scared. I had a passion for broadcasting and realized it’s a thriller opportunity” he said when asked about joining FOX News Channel, one of the largest news networks in the US. Vipp joined Fox in 2005.

At the initial 2 years of service as the Vice President of International Distribution, Vipp developed a strategy to identify the most relevant content and program materials for the international audiences especially targeted in the Middle East, UK, Australia and Asia. His fabulous work uplifted Fox Channel onto another level, and contributed to his promotion as the Head of International Affairs in 2007. “Vipp will be an asset in developing new relationships around the world as Fox News continues to expand our global brand” the channel has mentioned. As Head of International Affairs at Fox News Channel, Vipp is highly honored for his brilliant and distinct appreciation of the challenges of global business and cultural diversity. Vipp is instrumental in developing management that enhanced Channel’s brand value and protecting its reputation in the US along with international arena. “I know business of doing business and I m never afraid of taking risk” Vipp said when asked about the secret of his success.Vipp Jaswal is the first personality from theIndian sub-continent, to hold such a high official position in American mainstream media. The most exciting fact on Vipp is he has been hosting a famous radio show“The Vipp Jaswal show” from 2014 on Fox New Radio despite partial paralysis of his tongue. His show ranks in the top 5 of Fox News Radio Shows and in the Top 3 of Fox News Radio Podcasts, according to internal analytics. “Content is king, just focus on it,” Vipp suggests the new comer.

Being a global business leader and visionary with an unparalleled record of success directing international affairs in the media banking service, Vipp advised the new generation to learn from their own mistakes. “Never be afraid to fail, never quit and try everything. Be scare of nothing,” he said.

Vipp has developed strong personal relationship with government, security forces, and key administrators in various countries including war stricken areas of the Middle East.

Vipp is the only civilian South Asian to receive the highest number of medals of Honor from the United States Armed Forces for his wonderful contributions, his motivational speeches . Vipp has honored with Special recognition Award, Honorary Award, Service Award, and Achievement Award.

As a most influential Indian American, Vipp has deep respect with Eastern culture. That’s why sometimes he can be seen giving spiritual speeches on Diwali function.Sometimes he is busy on posting snaps and descriptions of the Eastern culture. He seems a successful cultural ambassador to flourish eastern culture in the United States “Value your community, sense of identity, and don’t forget your roots” said Vipp.