Kiran Marahatta, author of Nepali Who is Who

Journalist, Author and Documentary Maker

Marahatta, the General Secretary of Nepal America Journalists’ Association, is a senior journalist at ABC Television, a most successful news channel in Nepal, and contributor writer at HuffPost, the second largest US Media. Marahatta, the President of Nepali American Media & Research Center, New York, & Member of Foreign Press Center, USA,  also serves as the contributor at Khasokhas Weekly and He has hosted more than #3000 TV shows those contributed massively on socio-economic & political life.

Marahatta has several outstanding achievements in the field. He is the first South Asian Journalist to have an interview with Lionel Messi,  the world’s most famous soccer star. He has presented papers  in several international forums regarding Nepali Journalism and current affairs. His paper on Challenges of Nepali Nepali Media in Transitional Democracy is remarkable authorship, presented at Media and Freedom of Speech: Controversies and Social Clash, an international media conferences in Vilnius University, Europe.

Marahatta is best known for his historical documentary, Messi The Man At Barca, a documentary of football club Barcelona & Lionel Messi. Marahatta is the first Journalist from Nepal to have such highest accomplishment. Marahatta presented Dhaka Topi to Messi, Neymar teammates.  The documentary has participated in different film festivals around the world and has won the Best Director Award in Global Nepali Film Festival-2018, USA. Marahatta is an author of the book The Hope which is considered as an encyclopedia for interviewing skill. The hope is one of the fastest selling books in Nepal. The publisher has prepared for the 2nd editions. Marahatta is the first Nepali Author to have selected at Independent Authors Book Experiences(IABX) which is a highly prestigious and large international book festival in the US. His another publication Media In Mass, a book on research-based television shows, is also a landmark for television anchoring. Due to his outstanding achievement, Marahatta has served as the panel of the judge in different journalism awards in Nepal and abroad.

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Awards & Honors

Marahata is one of the most influential and versatile journalists who had won several national and international awards and honors that glorify his outstanding achievements in the journalism. Some of the honors and awards he has own are,   NAGC International Journalism Award-2017, Excellent Journalism Award, 2013, Majheri National Honor, 2014, Outstanding journalist Honor 2014, USA.  KCOA Journalism Honor, 2017, USA. JCI Nepal National Youth Award, 2017, NepalAgniban Journalism Award, 2017, Nepal.  NOJA Journalism Prize, 2017, Nepal. Khullamanch Journalism Honor, 2017 USA.