NEPALI WHO IS WHO: Stories of Pioneering Nepali in the US

Hence the book, NEPALI WHO IS WHO, a testament to this amazing and hard-working group of people as it chronicles the lives of many individuals. Nepali Who Is Who in the USA is available both online and in the print version. It combines enthralling success stories as well as the struggles of this new group of immigrants in this land of opportunity. This is the most noteworthy reference material to know about the Nepali-American diaspora.

The Associate Vice President and Dean at California State University Long Beach Dr. Jeet Joshee, the organizer of the book releasing ceremony,  said “The book will be a tremendous resource to educators, researchers, development professionals and all others who have the interest to work in Nepal or simply learn about Nepali culture and arts.  The book makes a sincere attempt to incorporate the remarkable stories of Nepalis in the United States of America.” To purchase the book click here.

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